How To Send A Box: It Is Just So Easy!


Step 1

Step 1: Obtain FREE MILI FRB Domestic flat rate boxes at the post office. If you need 25 or more go to, click supplies, click priority mail, then order item MILI FRB Priority mail flat rate box. The boxes are shipped to you in 10-14 days for FREE! Then go to Shipping Supplies on the left column, click on Forms & Labels, order item form 2976-A Customs Declaration and Dispatch note (example) for each box. ALSO FREE!

Step 2

Obtain addresses from the box below:

Address Source For Deployed Units:

  • Click here to view our Deployed Units page.
  • Ask for an address from a military family that you know.
  • Some state military departments have deployed unit web pages.
  • See a list of soldiers of some units overseas
  • Mail to the soldier who will then distribute your box to others in their unit.

Step 3

Fill your box with encouraging notes, goodies, music CD's, books on CD, games, magazines, Etc. Also hard candy, school supplies, tooth brushes and personal hygiene items are handed out to the local children. Use your IMAGINATION! Nothing is discarded, everything is used. DO NOT USE ITEMS THAT WILL MELT OR SPOIL IN THE 7-10 DAYS IT TAKES TO GET TO THE SOLDIER. More Ideas Here

Step 4

Mail the box at the post office with form 2976-A. (Fill in the, TO/ FROM/ CONTENTS/ VALUE/ SIGNATURE sections on the form.) POSTAGE IS JUST $12.50 NO MATTER WHAT THE BOX WEIGHS!!

Here Are Some Photos to Help You Prepare Your Box.

Start with the domestic flat
rate box.

Tape the bottom.

Ready for the goodies!

Filled with snacks etc. and an encouraging note.

Securely tape closed.

Ready For the label.

To and From labels affixed.

Ready for the post office!




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